So it seems my last post on here was a month today! As a result, I’d like to apologise to you all for not being as active on here as before. Firstly, that is mainly due to the Academy football season ending, but secondly, and more importantly it’s because I was sitting my A-Level examinations. This may be seen as an excuse to you guys, but you have to understand that these are the last ever exams I will be sitting and arguably the most important exams I will ever sit in my life, so I wanted to put all my effort into revising for these with no distractions, in order to get the best possible grade. Also, these exams will be the difference of whether I go to University or not, so they were of great importance and the result of these will decide my future. Anyway, you don’t want to hear about exams on a LFC blog, so as my exams finished yesterday and I will have so much spare time on my hands, I will bring more content for this blog, as well as the other various websites I write for so look out for that! I suggest Twitter will be the best place to keep up to date with all my plans so follow me there! Link will be at the end of this post.

The good news for Liverpool Academy is that they have made two signings, that of Sergi Canos and Pedro Chirivella. Canos is a 16 year old forward signed from Barcelona’s Academy for €32,000 per season, whereas Chirivella is a 16 year old defensive midfielder signed from Valencia for €300,000 per season for 5 seasons. I have already done a player analysis on Sergi Canos on This Is Anfield, so be sure to read that and let me know what you think! I will also be doing a blog about Chirivella in the near future, so look out for that on this blog. As well as signing a few players, the Academy has released a lot more. The players to go are goalkeepers Tyrell Belford, Jamie Stephens and Yusuf Mersin; defender Niall Heaton and Midfielders Sam Gainford and Nathan Quirk, whilst goalkeeper Peter Gulasci and defender Danny Wilson have moved to Red Bull Salzburg and Hearts respectively. This leads me to my next blog, which will be about the released players including information about the player, and my view on whether they should have been released. Now that some players have been released however, that means there are 4 goalkeepers in the Liverpool Academy, two for the Under 21s and two for the Under 18s, and I believe that is the right system to have instead of having 8 goalkeepers competing for just 2 places. More in depth analysis will be on my blog in the near future so look out for that as well. As well as more content coming to my blog, there will also be a new layout and design. There will be more menus including player profiles for each player in the Under 21s and Under 18s, as well as a new header, so keep your eyes peeled as you may miss it with all the new content coming out.

So just to recap, I aim to release 3 blogs in the next few weeks, one on Pedro Chirivella, one on released players and another on a comparison between the current and old goalkeeping system the Academy has, AND a new design to the page. However, in the mean time, read my blog about Liverpool’s new signing Canos here at This is Anfield:

Also, forgot to mention before that I have also done a blog about Danny Wilson and his move from Liverpool to Hearts being beneficial for all parties, so take a look at the link below:

Once again I apologise for not being active in the past month, but now my exams are over and summer can officially start, I will be a lot more active here at The NextGen Kopites. Thank you for taking the time to read this and be sure to follow me on Twitter @scotttayloruk.

Thank You all…