April 15, 1989. A day that I will never forget. Even though I was not born at the time of the disaster, that tragic day in Sheffield still carries importance in my day-to-day life. It was 25 years ago today where 96 Liverpool fans experienced something no football fan should suffer, going to watch their beloved team and never returning. The heartache of all the families remains evident as they still, a quarter of a century later wait for justice. One occurrence of heartbreak is terrible, but having all the families of the 96 to experience two occurrences of heartbreak is not fair. What did they do to deserve losing a family member and having to wait over two decades for something to be done about it? It’s not right, it’s not fair. Hillsborough itself was one tragedy, being forced to wait 25 years , and counting on top of it for justice is another. That was in 1989, now it is 2014, yet still a mass amount of fellow Liverpool fans won’t give up, even if they were not related to any of the families. That is because we all have one thing in common, our great love for this football club, and together we know the true weight of what ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ means and on a daily basis, the fans live by that motto, helping fellow Liverpool fans, even if that means going out of their way to do so.
There is immense pride right now to be a Liverpool fan and the response to this tragedy has been tremendous. Whether it is Kenny Dalglish, the Liverpool manager at the time, Margaret Aspinall, the lady who has been inspirational in trying to get justice, or even if it is a supporter, you ALL have contributed as we search for justice. I won’t go into the political side of this as it is not my strength, so I will let the experts talk about that. I won’t mention any names of the people involved as we all know who is involved. However, all I know is that this time “you picked on the wrong city” as Roberto Martinez said today. They didn’t expect to get this amount of opposition by this wonderful city. The people involved won’t step down until the truth that was heard, and why should they?
Seeing others blame innocent fans for simply wanting to watch the football team they support makes everyone want to achieve justice even more. Well, whoever these people are, they do not realise that Liverpool Football Club is more than just a football club. It’s supporters, it’s staff, anyone connected with the football club should be proud of their efforts as still, 25 years later, people strive for justice, want to know the truth and want questions answered. What makes is sickening is that Anne Williams, who lost her son Kevin in the tragedy, campaigned tirelessly for a fresh inquest and after all that she didn’t get to know what exactly happened. Contributed all she has done for nothing. This is because she won’t be with us when justice has finally been served. Anne died last year on April 18, 2013. She or anyone else shouldn’t have had to fight.
Finally, after seeing the response that everyone gave on this special day, everyone should never give and continue to support everyone that has been affected by this event. Put rivalry aside because after all this is something more than just a football match. Don’t rest until it is done. The victims don’t deserve to wait any longer, they at least deserve the truth. My message to all the 96 is that you were taken from us far too soon, but you are still loved, cherished and remembered by all your families. The most important thing however, is that ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Justice for the 96.

Please be sure to send your personal tributes and I may include them in my next blog, don’t worry if you can leave a comment on this blog, you can always tweet me (@ScottTaylorUK.) You should all be proud to be a Liverpool supporter and let’s get those questions answered.